Hessen Film and Media Academy (hFMA)
address: Hermann-Steinhäuser-Straße 43-47, 2.Fl
63065 Offenbach am Main

phone +49 (0) 69 830 460 41

please find driving directions here

Managing Director
Anja Henningsmeyer (Monday to Thursday) - a.henningsmeyer(at)

Csongor Dobrotka (Wednesday) – dobrotka(at)
Lara Nahrwold (Monday to Tuesday) – nahrwold(at)
Celina Schimmer (Monday to Thursday) – schimmer(at)


Our current offers can be found on the projects and event-site (in German only).

This is what students say on hFMA-offers…

“I think it is right to work interdisciplinarily, so as to encounter new people and phenomena. It is important to delve into different areas every now and again.”

Student participating at Radiophone Produktionen, 2011

“You get a better feel for where you stand professionally when you present your projects and ideas to professionals. It’s an important question that you continue asking yourself, especially shortly after graduating.”

Student participating at PITCH YOUR FUTURE, 2011

“I created a number of contacts and familiarized myself with the course of events at the Berlinale, which will be helpful for future visits. I am very honoured that my film was chosen for Hessen Talents. It increases awareness for one’s work and one is taken more seriously in what one does.”

Student participating at HESSEN TALENTS, Berlinale 2011

“For me personally, the best thing about this educational event was getting insight into other courses and their educational content as well as profiting from the others’ knowledge and skills. (…) I would love to take part in more of such inter-university projects, as I fail to see anything but advantages. It is also very helpful for the building up of personal networks; you meet other students from other cities whom you may end up working with in the future.”

Student participating at hFMA-Netzreporter, 2011

“I was able to gather important experiences for a 16mm film project in planning. (…) I have been able to create contacts at several hFMA events – gaining new insights aside, this is the most important aspect of hFMA events for me!”

Student participating at Stop by. Shoot film., 2010

“I especially liked having the opportunity to gather experiences on the fringes of an unexplored technology and familiarize myself with new methods. The opportunity offered by hFMA of being allowed to take part in such an unusual project…”

Student participating at FullDome, 2010